Tool Design Support

Fine tune the fit and function of your design to assist manufacturing and assembly processes.

Our CAD/CAM software allows us to utilize full scale 3D models of any size part or assembly before manufacturing ever begins. We can manipulate your design if tolerable and as needed to aid with manufacturing throughout every operation. This ensures the assembly process will be smooth and the final result will function to the intent achieving dimensional requirements along the way.

why Choose Us

New Tech takes great pride in taking on challenges that others can’t or won’t handle. As a team member, we work directly with your engineers to ensure your receiving a high performance product that is cost-effective for your business. As a result we‘re able to do the job right the first time, significantly reducing time, materials and effort, passing those savings directly to you in the form of lower costs and quick turnaround.

We Ensure Quality

From the initial consultation until the time you receive your order from us, QUALITY is our primary goal. By controlling every process, tracking and evaluating each operation, and maintaining complete records, we ensure ongoing excellence. New Tech consistently holds tolerances that exceed customer requirements; we don’t tolerate even the slightest deviation.

Rest assured knowing New Tech quality standards will surpass your expectations

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